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Marketing research for potential foreign markets for your company flecha

A method of market research should involve a preliminary screening of potential markets followed by a careful assessment of the targeted markets. Exporters engage in market research primarily to identify their marketing opportunities and constraints within individual foreign markets and also to identify prospective buyers and customers. Results of this research should inform the company of the largest markets for its product, the fastest growing markets, market trends and outlook, market conditions and practices, and competitive firms and products. Based on all the information gathered, a company must decide which markets are the most promising and the number of markets the company is prepared to enter.

Customer research and marketing product development in specific country flecha

We provide a full spectrum of innovative solutions to common research issues, as well as highly customized services to meet your specific needs and to find your future buyer.

Customer research is used to identify potential new product offerings. This process includes the collection and analysis of information that is relevant to product development, customer information and distribution risk. This information allows your organization to define your strategy and customer segments, appropriate products, and the optimization of these products. It also allows your organization to identify risks and provide insight into the risk interdependencies; this allows for precise risk evaluation and accurate pricing.

Preparation and personal representation for your company at international fairs, other events or business meetings flecha

International Exhibition participation is an excellent opportunity to introduce and promote your products overseas. Because so many buyers and sellers are convened in one location, this participation has many benefits that provide the following:

  • a method of conducting in-country market research and testing to gauge customer attitudes;
  • face-to-face contact with buyers;
  • • product demonstrations, an excellent way to promote and sell your product;
  • • cost-effective direct sales opportunities;
  • opportunities to meet important agents and distributors
  • a positive sales and public relations environment. Also, provides the opportunity for members of your staff to meet other companies' personnel.
  • the opportunity to conduct market intelligence and monitor the activities of competitors
  • potential staff training ideas, education, and recruiting

In addition we organize and schedule business meetings (during 2-3 working days) with different potential buyers to maximize your company finding the right distributor to grow your business. One of the main benefits of business meetings organizing is that this method is the least expensive comparing with International Trade Participation.

Follow Up with potential clients flecha

Based on the needs of your company, we will design an appropriate follow up strategy for you. We can contact your potential clients daily, semi-weekly, weekly, or whatever we find the most productive to meet your needs. We have the distinct advantage of being able to learn about your work methods which enables us to incorporate your company’s unique processes directly into the tools we create.

Documnet Legalization, preparation of Export Certificates and other required documents for international trading flecha

The documents needed for legalization can depend on many factors, including the country requirements, the customer’s needs, export/import regulations. The most important of them are certificate of origin, EUR.1 form or basic forms used in invoices and packing list. The requirements can overwhelm a company and can become an expensive endeavour.  We provide a cost effective approach to obtain the documents you will need. 

The Certificate of Origin (CO)

CO is a document to certify the place of growth, production or manufacture of goods. It is required when exporting to specific countries, when requested by the consignee for customs clearance, or when it's stipulated in a letter of credit.   The certificate of origin may be required because of international treaties, quotas applying in the destination country, varying duty rates, and preferential duty treatment dependent on the shipment’s origin. A certificate is also very useful for the buyer in order to guarantee the place of production of the goods he is buying from a seller. The certificate of origin contains description and quantities of goods that are similar to the commercial invoice.   In most cases the local Chamber of Commerce has the authority and competence to issue this document

The Certificate EUR.1

The Certificate EUR.1 is also used when exporting to the EFTA (The European Free Trade Association) countries and the same procedure applies as for certificate of origin. This document is available at the Customs Departments, Ministry of Finance and at the Chambers of Commerce. In order to grant duty free treatment, the commercial invoice and the packing list should accompany EUR.1


Normally the shipping company provides insurance for the cargo.

Bill of Lading (BL)

A Bill of Lading is the transportation contract between a carrier and the owner of the goods.  The carrier issues it and can be negotiable and non-negotiable. Negotiable means that the goods can be traded while in transit.

Content of the Bill of Lading:

  • Information about the ship/carrier;
  • Information about the seller and the buyer
  • Description of the goods (General description);
  • Indication of Full Container Load (FCL) or Less Container Load (LCL) clauses;
  • Pre-paid freight or freight collects clauses.

There are differences between pro-forma and commercial invoices.

The pro-forma invoice is a document prepared by the exporter in response to a sales order or inquiry. Its receipt by the importer does not obligate the potential buyer to purchase the product.

A commercial invoice, sent by the exporter, includes specifications that both parties have agreed upon in advance and must be printed on the exporter official letterhead. The importer should sign a copy and return it to the exporter. The commercial invoice could be a copy of the pro-forma invoice if that was unchanged by sales negotiations.
Commercial Invoice should include as many details as possible including a full description of the products, prices, import specifications, delivery dates, terms and dates of payment, route to be taken, packaging, shipment, insurance, type of carriage, dates of logistic company,  unloading and accompanying documents. The details are needed to avoid disputes and to obtain all required documents, licenses and certificates based on the description of the goods.

Packing list

  A Packing List should be prepared by the producer/exporter.

The packing list indicates the gross and net weight of the cargo, invoice number and the importer’s name. It clearly states all products sent by the exporter as well as the number of pallets, boxes, the contents of each box and the type of products, their quality and specifications.
Normally, any mistake in the packing list can cause a delay in clearance at the port of destination. Customs Authorities have the right to delay the clearance of the shipment until the importer makes a packing list reflecting the real content of the container (in case the list originating from the exporter is incomplete). The packing list is unnecessary only when all information contained in it is clearly stated in the invoice.

Institution Liaison

We offer a cooperation with Public Institutions. These include, but are not limited to, Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia (www.extenda.es), Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (www.icex.es), European - Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (www.cciei.org), Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation in Seville (www.camaradesevilla.com)


We offer translation in English, German, Russian and Spanish.  We can translate web pages, marketing materials, all relevant documents and anything else you require.

Additional language translation is available upon request

Web Page Design and Hosting

If you do not have your own team for web design and hosting we offer this service through our partners in technology.

Consulting services for state registration of foreign companies and company branches in Russian Federation.  This includes consulting in taxes and civil legislation.

If you are planning to open a representative office or a branch office of your company in Russian Federation will help you to realise it. Also we can provide consultations for different legal questions.

Leadership Development, Team Coaching and Executive Coaching

We know your executives; teams and personnel need development, skills and growth to produce the extraordinary results. Our company partners with the Founder and Managing Director of Game On Global Consulting and Coaching International (Chicago, United States of America).

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